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Maintaining Your Lawn and Garden throughout the Seasons

clover lawnLawn Maintenance

There is an art to building a lush, green and vigorous lawn that withstands foot traffic, insects, drought and winter’s snow.

We understand the growing cycles of a lawn:

  • use the best equipment and well trained operators to keep your lawn in top condition
  • are careful not to damage trees or shrubs when mowing
  • keep grass cuttings away from swimming pools, paths, flower beds and driveways
  • finish the job by trimming around walls, fences, trees, paths and flower beds

Our lawn maintenance program begins in the spring and doesn’t end until the first snow falls. Raking, dethatching, core-aeration, fertilizing, topdressing, overseeding, regular mowing and fall clean-up.

Lawn Care

Organic or traditional lawn maintenance – the choice is yours.

  1. Organic
    A truly organic lawn is labour intensive, but the result is a lawn that is healthy – for you, your family, your pets and the environment. Although slightly more expensive to maintain than traditionally kept lawns, an organic lawn is greener, stronger and drought resistant.

  2. Traditional
    A limited safe use of synthetic fertilizers for quick results: Rapid rejuvenation of an ailing lawn.

  3. Clover and Eco-Lawns
    An alternative to regular grass, a clover or eco-lawn offers many benefits:

    • it’s low maintenance
    • doesn’t require regular watering, mowing or fertilizing
    • provides an abundance of green even during periods of drought
    • adds nitrogen back into the soil naturally

    Clover lawns don’t tolerate heavy foot traffic, so aren’t recommended for families with children.

Garden maintenance

We use our knowledge of nature’s cycles to promote healthy growth in your flower beds, shrubs and trees, we’ll:

  • develop a garden maintenance schedule
  • prepare the ground for spring planting
  • fertilize for healthy growth
  • advise on the best plants for sun or shade
  • dead-head in the summer
  • prune shrubs
  • weed and edge beds
  • take care of your perennials
  • complete the season with a fall cleanup
  • plant spring bulbs

Hedge Trimming

With the same care that we put into lawns and flower beds, we’ll keep your living fences neat and tidy, using the proper equipment at the right time to ensure your hedges thrive.

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